MANGALURU:(SEEDHIBAAT NEWS SERVICE)  Kannada and Culture Minister C T Ravi has opined there was a need for a change in the pattern of celebration of different jayantis (birth anniversaries) of famous personalities in view of the lukewarm response such events organised by the state were receiving. Speaking at a review meeting here, Ravi said that reports from 11 districts that he has toured so far suggested that most of the jayantis  have become caste-based and symbolic, failing to attract people and have become burden on officials.

Hence, he said there will be discussions involving public representatives, community leaders, thinkers and others to find out if any changes are required in the manner in which the jayantis are celebrated and whether such celebrations should be stopped. Based on reports after these discussions, the government will take a call after placing it before the Cabinet, he said.

However, the minister did not reveal as to whether the government is planning to stop some of the jayantis. He said of the 28 jayantis organised by the state, only 4-5 were attracting crowd.Ravi, who also holds tourism portfolio in the state, said the construction of Yatri Nivas accommodations at religious places henceforth will be need-base. A social audit will be done on the utility of the existing Yartri Nivas facilities and based on it, a mechanism will be set for such constructions in future.

He said most of the Yatri Nivas have come up to appease some individuals or voters and not to develop tourism. “They should come up only at religious places where devotees stay during night. They should not become memorials,” he said. On learning that the construction of Yatri Nivas at many religious places have been held up as private managements have not identified land for the same, the minister asked to cancel the projects if they fail to identify land within a month.




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