Johannesburg: (seedhibaat news service)South African police said that five people were dead and more than 40 have been arrested after an early-morning hostage situation at a church near Johannesburg.

A statement said that police and military responded to reports of a shooting at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Zuurbekom found four people shot and burned to death in a car and a security guard shot in another car.

Six other people were injured.

Police said that they rescued men, women and children who had been held hostage and appeared to have been living at the church. The statement didn’t say how many were rescued.

Police added that more than 30 guns were found and the attack by a group of armed people may have been motivated by a feud between church members.

The national police commissioner said that the response by security forces averted what could have been a more severe bloodbath. The statement said that among those arrested are members of the police, defense forces and correctional service





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